Elm City Cinema

New Haven’s Premier Arthouse Cinema

New Haven is a great town, and it deserves a great theater. What do I mean by great? Well:

1. It’s somewhere you want to spend time.

You’re about to spend a good few hours in the movie theater, why should you be uncomfortable for any of it? I’ve spent too much time in uncomfortable seats fending off hypothermia in the middle of August because someone confused the A/C with a walk-in refrigerator.

2. It gives you a chance to see all the movies that you want to see.

You will never have to look too hard to find the latest huge blockbuster, but what about all the movies that slip under the chain theaters’ radar?  They are trying to maximize their profits, not give people a chance to see something they might have even known about. This cinema can give people the chance to not only see smaller indie films, but so much more. What about hugely popular foreign movies that are difficult to find because theater operators don’t trust audiences to read subtitles? Classic films? Cult classic films? I want to help people share experiences with one another, not just sit in a dark room together.

3. It can help connect you with a community of film lovers

You are not alone. There are others of us in New Haven who geek out about films just as much as you do. You haven’t met us? Well let me tell you about this new theater, maybe you can meet some kindred souls.

Just a sample of some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Comfy seats
  • Bar & lounge area to meet up before or discuss after the film
  • A chance to see the movies you never thought you’d get to see in the theater
  • And more!


If you are interested in getting updates as the theater progresses or if you want to partner to help it grow, please email me or visit elmcitycinema.com