Technical Recruiting

I love taking the burden off someone else’s shoulders.

I’ve found that at a certain point, we all take on much more than we should handle. Not often more than we can, but enough that the pleasure of a job well done starts getting drowned out by the stress of the things that still need to happen. The skills I’ve built help companies, entrepreneurs, and others in need of help to focus on what they do best, while allowing me to do what I do best. What is that? Well…

1) Technical Recruiting

I have been a technical recruiter for several companies, filling positions from junior level to executives. In my years of experience I have yet to find the position I couldn’t find qualified and interested candidates for. If you have positions at your company you need to fill quickly and accurately, I’m your man.

2) Interviewing & Reporting

I’m highly trained as an ethnographic interviewer–a skill that comes in handy when you want to learn about a person! These days I mostly apply these skills to the hiring market. I can pre-screen and deconstruct the skills and weaknesses of any candidate that is looking to fill a position. Of course none of this is much use without a clear and easy to understand report on each candidate.

3) Job Requirement Design

I’ve found that there’s often a disconnect between hiring managers, HR departments, and the job descriptions that go out to the public. By interfacing with all three of these levels, I am able to help bring the candidates to a position that the hiring manager is actually looking for.

4) Research & Reporting

Need to know something that you’re having trouble figuring out? I can take care of that for you. I’ve written reports on subjects ranging from Bitcoin to Interview Techniques. Looking for something polished you can present to readers or management? Let’s chat about what you want.


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