About Adam

Hello. My name is Adam and this is my website.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about that sentence, but it allows me to use the first person and not have to write about myself in the third person.  Adam is pleased about this.

This is what I look like:

Circa January 2016

Circa January 2016

Obviously that can change fairly quickly, but now if you’re trying to find me at a public event, you have a decent starting point.

A few things about me: I am a freelance educator and sociologist. Basically, I love to get paid to do these things, but you can’t stop me from doing them even when I’m not getting paid.

My focus as an educator has been adopting or developing methods that create the greatest chance for learning given that time and effort are finite resources for a student. Some things are greatly improved by new technologies, and some things are improved by going back to older models. I would love to discuss pedagogy if you want.

My focus as a sociologist has been on Internet cultures, and deviant cultures in particular. Griefers, trolls, and so on, this is my milieu. But no pizzas/SWAT to my door, please. I would love discussing this, too, if you’d like!

You may notice this blog covers these topics, but it will just as often not. There isn’t really a connecting theme to this website besides the things that interest me. Sometimes this will be a critique of modern life, sometimes it might be about Rocko’s Modern Life. If you’d like me to talk more about a subject, all you need to do is ask!