A Man, A Plan, A Blog, No Palindrome

Posted on January 28, 2016

I was going to title this post “God Laughs” in reference to the Yiddish proverb that “Man plans and God laughs,” but it seemed a bit too religious for a first post. And “Of Mice and Men” was already taken. (Thanks a bunch, Steinbeck.) But there is an odd bit of irony in the fact that I finally decided to do a full wipe of my old website and start again, and then I immediately concussed myself and couldn’t use a computer for a few days.

Me in the hospital.

I went to the hospital and everything.

The romantic in me wanted to think that this was a lesson in humility and a reminder of how small my plans are in the face of the massive realm of possibility. The cynic in me wanted to think that the proceeding romantic thought was caused by a human tendency to draw patterns where they don’t exist. The nihilist in me wanted to think that this is just one random event in a random universe, devoid of meaning or substance.  I don’t think any of these really get it right, but I think they’re all important to learn from. And I think the thing I can learn from all three is that I just need to write.

So this post hereby serves as my notice that this is not a professional blog. It is a personal site, full of personal opinions and half-baked ideas. I will try to keep the quality up as much as I can, but I am much more concerned at the moment about getting pen to paper (or electron to silicon) than about getting things perfect. Because there’s always a concussion waiting to keep me from writing. Or a lack of time. Or my own perfectionist nature keeping posts as drafts because they aren’t up to my full standards. I want to talk about deep things in the future. But I also want to write about the symbols I see in Steven Universe. So not everything will be perfect. But it will exist. God might be laughing, but I’ll still be writing.


This was the original post on my old blog, and I like it. So say hello, new blog.